What others say about the Swedish

1. People ask you if you have polar bears on the streets and you try to spread the myth further by saying it is true.
2. You have been asked whether there is a “Swedish Bikini Team”.
3. You don't get why Non-swedes think it's odd that the sun stays up for about 24 hours in the summer.
4. You can't see what's so "cute" about writing 13:00 instead of 1 pm.
5. You think that Sweden is constantly in the news abroad and are surprised to find that this is not the case at all.
6. You seriously want to HURT Non-Swedes who ask 'how's life in SWITZERLAND?'
7. Non-Swedes laugh at you for wearing a bicycle helmet and you answer: "At least I won't be the one dying of a skull fracture".
8. People refuse to believe you're actually from Sweden because you're not platinum blonde with a Sven-Göran Ericsson accent.
9. You tell them your surname is Larsson and every Non-Swede automatically assumes you are related to Henrik Larsson.
10. Drunk Englishmen keep telling you how drunk Swedes usually are, in their experience, and you find it rather comforting to know that there are drunk English people keeping an eye out for us abroad!

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