1. You think it’s a surfer thing to wear swimming trunks with flower patterns, even though it’s not.
2. You don't find it wierd at all to get undressed in a locker room with unknown people.
3. You knew what crocs were two years before the rest of the world
You truly believe Peter Forsberg actually invented Crocks.
4. You are dying for crocs to become constitutionally banned as they are “soooooooo last season”.
5. You know Swedish guys not necessarily are gay, only their dress code seem to have that effect on Non-Swedes.
6. You try to explain to Non-Swedes that drain pipes (stuprörsbyxor) are worn by guys and it's not considered gay.
7. If you are a Swedish girl, you don't find the trousers worn by Swedish guys being ridiculously tight but rather find loose fit trousers terribly boring and soooooo unfashionable, unless they are really baggy and attached to a skater or snowboarder.
8. You always follow the latest fashion trends since you are afraid you won't "fit in" if you don't.
9. You shove your pants into your socks even when you’re inside, and there is not snow/rain anywhere in sight.
10. You have a closet full of clothes from H&M
11. Talking to a Non-Swede you get hurt and pissed off if the person you are talking to doesn’t know H&M is Swedish.
12. You actually know what the H and the M in H&M means and consider it shocking that no one else does.
13. You constantly wear your all weather jacket (Peak, NorthFace, Everest, Haglöfs) no matter what time of year or on what occasion, since it goes with shorts, dresses, suits - everything!
14. You prefer comfortable sandals over nice high heels.
15. You carry a backpack in any given context, no matter if it is an ever so official event. Why change? It’s convenient!
16. You shamelessly wear socks with loafers and sandals.
17. You do not consider it a fashion faux pas to wear white socks with a black suit.
18. You think it’s really weird that when you go shopping for a swimsuit outside the borders of Sweden, the bikinis come with tops.
19. You're favourite colour is grey (alls shades of grey).
20. You own at least three cardigans (even if you are a bloke).
21. You have different sets of clothes for different halves of the year and rotate them in your wardrobe and storage rooms .
22. The hallway of your home looks like a used shoe store.

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