1. You think the best moment in Swedish film history was when Stig Helmer tried to get orange juice from the stewardess call-button.
2. You have ended up in some terribly embarrassing situations thinking “Classic Swedish Films” refer to Ingmar Bergman and not porn.
3. You are likely or very unlikely to admit ever having watched a full episode of “Allsång på Skansen” but feel the fact they broadcast it every summer is soothing and a notion that things remain in their normal state.
4. You were devastated to learn that neither “Skurt” nor “Televinken” were real people.
5. The theme song from “Ika i rutan” still makes chills run down your spine.
6. “Vilse i Pannkanan” and “Lillstrumpa och Syster Yster” make even more chills run down your spine.
7. Quoting Elin from “Fucking Åmål” was part of your everyday language when you were a teenager.
8. You know that the only parts Swedish people get to play in movies are when there is supposed to be a stupid blonde in the scene.
9. You think Peter Stormare is awesome in any role he plays even, if he’s just playing the guy who gets eaten by a dinosaur.
10. You know the catchfrase "FÖRGRYMMADE UNGE" and your parents have used it on more than one occasion when you were naughty as a child.
11. You know all the words to the “Emil i Lönnerberga” theme song by heart and as a child he was your hero.
12. You know what a "stänkare" is and what movie series the expression got famous from.
13. “Iprenmannen" haunts your nightmares, although still, you find yourself humming the song in the shower.
14. You got thoroughly annoyed when Peter Harryson was replaced on "Så Ska Det Låta".
15. You remember Hjalle & Heavy running away from Soffi-Propp.
16. You have seen all the "Sällskapsresorna" and know the story by heart.
17. You get sentimental hearing the intro to “Björnes Magasin".
18. You try, unsuccessfully, to explain the concept of "Björnes Magasin" to bewildered Non-Swedes.
19. You know who Björne is, and can identify at least Snigel and Hugo.
20. You know that no children’s TV show theme will ever amount to the anthem that is "Bolibompa bolibombompa bolibompa bolibombompa HAR NI SETT KANAL ETT!"
21. You've learned something from “Hjärnkontoret” during your pre-teenage years.
22. You enthusiastically force your shocked non-Swedish friends to watch a YouTube clip of "Kalles Klätterträd" while proudly showing off that you know every single word of the lyrics.
23. You know Ingmar Bergman is the greatest film director of all time but can't sit through his films because they're “too deep” but you insist to Non-Swedes that all Swedes "get" them.
24. You spell “Morden i Midsomer”: "Morden i Midsommar"
25. You claim that you hate Bert Karlsson but secretly you think he seems like a cozy guy.
26. You watch "Svensson, Svensson" 's annual christmas special, even if you've seen it a thousand times. You laugh every time as if it was the first time you saw it.
27. You get into hysterics when you find that SVT have made new episodes of "Svensson Svensson" and rejoice when you discover you can watch them right there on the website.
28. When you thought it was both amusing and terribly scary to watch “Världens Modernaste Land”, because you could relate to every single topic.
29. As a child, it was almost a religious thing to wake up at 9 a.m during the summer holidays in order to watch "Sommarmorgon".
30. You have at one point or more, during your childhood, attempted to fabricate something that you learnt how to make from watching "Hajk".
31. While fabricating the thing mentioned in the previous point, “things” went terribly wrong.
32. Despite the mayhem caused by the failure of the previous point, Bengt Alsterlind will forever be your hero.
33. Your mother is very likely to find Ernst Kirchsteiger really attractive.
34. You say ''it's almost as low as Glocalnet''.
35. You watch an English/American film and get upset that all swedes are called Inga,Ingrid or Sven when you know these are not common names in Sweden.
36. You hate the TV-show "Joelbitar" with a passion, but know the theme song by heart.
38. You think that adverts every thirty minutes is way too often.
39. You find the censorship on American TV, radio and magazines extremely annoying.
40. You turn on your TV just to check out what's happening to Stig, Sonja and Ulf in the latest “ICA” advertisment.
41. You’ve repeatedly had very emotional discussions about the new "Bolibompa" dragon and how much better the old one was.

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