1. You think that Sweden winning gold in any type of World Championships/Olympics require celebrating by getting really drunk and splashing around in a large and famous fountain.
2. You don't really care about winning as long as the Swedish beat the Norwegians and the Finish, no matter what the game/contest is.
3. You get nostalgic by thinking of the summer of 1994.
4. You cry with nostalgia and happiness thinking about Peter "Foppa" Forsberg's penalty in the ice-hockey final, Olympic Games in Lillehammer 1994.
5. You can't refrain from bragging about winning both the olympic and the world championship 2006 in ice-hockey back to back whenever you have the opportunity to talk to a Canadian.
6. It's totally ok to stop working for a while when Anja is skiing in an important competition and instead join your colleagues in front of the TV which somebody brought.
7. You cried when Henrik Larsson cut his hair.
8. You know that Sweden will never actually win the World Cup in Football, but keep partying anyway.You're at a sports competition abroad, shouting "Heja heja!" although no one understands it.
9. You get into an argument explaining to non-Swedish people that Zlatan Ibrahimovic ACTUALLY IS from Sweden.
10. You find it perfectly normal to exercise by doing the Nordic Walking (“stavgång”) which means taking a walk with two ski sticks and no skis.
11. You are stuck in front of the TV watching curling during every Olympic Games.
12. You actually understand the rules of curling.
13. You can't stop yourself from boasting about Björn Borg winning Wimbledon five times.
14. You know that Björn Borg and Börje Salming are not just famous athletes but also have their own underwear collections.
15. You consider finding red and white markers in the forest, only with the use of map and compass a pastime, not a cruel and unusual punishment.
16. You just have to state (with barely hidden pride) the superiority of Björn Borg to John McEnroe.
17. You KNOW that someday soon Björn Borg will make his come back... In the same white outfit and headband he wore twenty years ago!
18. You know what floorball (“innebandy”) is and you find it quite a cheesy sport.
19. You have, on several occasions, played floorball. And secretly enjoyed it.
20. The fact that shows about fly-fishing has more viewers than NHL in the U.S., does not stop you from thinking that Peter Forsberg is probably recognized by all Americans.

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