1. You would never go travelling without sheets or towels, even when having been told that it will be provided for you.
2. You consider taking a cruise ship to Tallin or Helsinki a valid excuse to get completely off your face and act like an utter fool as soon as the ship leaves port.
3. The first thing you ask when coming back from a trip abroad, is how the weather was while you were away.
4. Even before you have begun your trip abroad you freak out over the fact that you are not able to drink water from the tap in some other countries.
5. You are abroad and ask for "Swedish coffee” at the hotel.
6. Apart from what’s mentioned in the previous point, of course you do also use other quotations from "Sällskapsresan" when going abroad.
7. On vacation, you have no problem getting up at 5 a.m to "save" your familys seats by the beach with towels.
8. You take a picture of yourself (on your crappy mobile phone camera), lying on the beach abroad when it's winter in Sweden, and send it to all of your friends (especially the ones you don't like).
9. You have at least once been called albino.
10. You lie on the beach while the natives wear winter coats.
11. You wear a bandana while travelling.
12. You truly believe that switching from SEK to Euro would take away the joy of being abroad and annoying the shop clerk when you are trying to figure out which coin is which.
13. A good summer vacation consists of going to a country down south in Europe, probably Greece or Spain, with your friends. When you arrive at 23:30 (not 11.30 pm, major difference!) the first thing you do is get wasted and stay wasted for the rest of the week.
14. You call Mallorca "Mallis".
15. You come home from your holiday and in your excitement you tell your friends what a beautiful place Thailand is and they should go there sometime (even though they have all been there at least two times already).
16. When riding a taxi you can discuss anything from politics and lre to health and science with the taxi driver.

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Haha, the worst thing is that most of it is true. I only used a bandana while abroad when I was a kid though. Not anymore!

Pusspuss. (No I’m not a pervert 🙂 )

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