1. You are obsessed with weather.
2. You find it perfectly normal to ride a bike in a blizzard.
3. It's only a blizzard if you can't see your car in the drive because it's covered in snow.
4. You've worn a souwester (“sydväst”) without being a fisherman.
5. The first little bit of sun is out you go to the nearest park and you put on sunscreen factor 30 and a bikini while watching old ladies walk past in furry coats.
6. You find it normal to have the headlights of the car on at the brightest and sunniest of days.
7. You and your kids are the only ones in the playground wearing clothes according to weather.
8. You always go "That's not REAL snow" whenever it snows in countries that usually don't get snow.
9. You find it adorable when people from other countries get excited about a few milimetres of snow that only stays on the ground for a few hours.
10. You find it ridiculous schools in some other countries have to close if there comes more than five cm of snow on the roads during one night.
11. You constantly whine about the rain or the cold weather.

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