Common sense/attitude

1. You don't rely on weather forecasts unless presented by John Pohlman.
2. You know it’s a sin lifting the top layer in the Aladdin chocolate box before it's empty.
3. You find people from other cultures generally being rather loud. With the exception of the Finish.
4. You wouldn't even consider buying electrical items unless they are "S"-marked.
5. You get guilty conscience from throwing things in the dustbin that could have been recycled.
6. You don't consider a congregation of trees being a "real" forest unless it takes at least 20 minutes to drive through it.
7. You use the metric system and really don't get why there are people out there who don't.
8. You consider Denmark and the Danish "pretty continental".
9. You are obsessed with health issues.
10. You find the idea of carpets in bathrooms and toilets simply appalling.
11. You thought carpets was a concept of the past or the ferrys to Finland/Estonia/Germany/Denmark. Then you went abroad and realized that you were wrong.
12. You consider yourself as Scandinavian, not European.
13. A good nights sleep only counts if it consists of 8 consecutive hours. 10 hours would be considered too much.
14. You don't really consider silence a problem in social situations.
15. The question "how are you?" is a question that needs to be answered with a honest and thorough explanation of your mental health. Therefore, you don’t understand why Non-Swedes give you one word answers.
16. You think people that don't send their kids to nursery school ("dagis") are strange.
17. You feel bad if you're not outside on a sunny day.
18. You know that individuality vs. conformity is the eternal Swedish conflict.
19. You unfortunately find it embarrassing and a bit uncool to be “too” Swedish.
20. You find it normal that the most serious debates between the political leaders of the country broadcasted on TV are held in charming and homey milieus, including flowered curtains, blond wood, colorful pillows, pastries and coffee.
21. You consider Volvo and Saab the ultimate family cars.
22. You ONLY eat sweets on Saturdays.
23. You think it’s a BIG THING to have a drivers license before you're approaching your thirties.
24. You can actually see the logic of “klämdagar”.
25. You think thats its ridiculous to build houses from bricks. Wood is the real deal!
26. You refuse to believe that snuff or "snus" is harmful.
Since snuff "isn't harmful", you can't understand why no one except the Scandinavians use it.
27. You don't think a farmhouse is actually a farmhouse unless it is red or yellow with white trim.
28. You don't find "bananer i pyjamas" to be a bit sexual.
29. You realize that five ants are more than four elephants
30. You hate keyboards without “å, ä, ö” with a passion.
31. You think it's perfectly normal and not offending at all when Frank Zappa's song "Bobby Brown goes down" is played at a disco for 9-year olds
32. You know they are the same, but you just don't trust ibuprofen and paracetamol the way you trust Ipren and Alvedon
33. You, in pure disgust try to tell your fellow peers that it’s basic human behavior to shower after PE and they look at you like you come from a different planet.
34. You can’t believe that you have to pay for your disgusting school lunch.
35. You don’t consider Starbucks a proper café, since a real cafe is a atmospheric, groovy, cosy place not at all as brightly lit and multi national as Starbucks.
36. It's not strange that the Prime Minister marries the CEO of "Systembolaget"
37. You don’t find it strange having a prime minister who is like...41? 42?
38. You find it completely normal, when going to a pre-party (förfest) everyone has their "Systembolaget" bag in the fridge and notoriously keep track of which liquor is their liquor!
39. You consider blond hair about as normal as dark hair.
40. You only consider hair on the verge of being "white", blond. Everything else is just very bright brown hair.
41. Everything you know about sex you learned from ”Bullen” or KP's "Kropp och Knopp".
42. You find teenage mums shocking and very strange; because you don't know anyone who had a child before 25 and you thought that was young.
43. You know, but don’t really get why and how Sweden "tronar på minnen från fornstora dar, då ärat dess namn flög over jorden.”
44. You find it hilarious that the Polish sing about the evil Swedes in their national anthem.
45. You know what a modem is but you can't believe people still use them.
46. You know you're Swedish when you believe in signing petitions.
47. You analyse EVERYTHING way too much.
48. You think dating someone you haven't even had drunken sex with yet is a bit backwards.
49. Making fun of Norwy is a national institution. And vice versa.
50. You systematically accuse the Germans for stealing elk signs.
51. You think that everyone is allowed to walk in any field or forest. And when people abroad tell you it's private land, you don't understand and say "But, what about Allemansrätten?"
52. Confronted with a new substance you ask your government if it is ok for you to touch/ingest/be on the same continent as it. Then follow their recommendation without complaining and in utter faith.
53. You find atheist priests perfectly rational.
54. Someone insults your girlfrien you dont hit him because your girlfriend would be pissed off if she doesn’t get to hit him herself.
55. You know that asking someone you are attracted to if they want to come over to your place for “tea” does actually not involve drinking tea at all.
56. You fully believe that walking on "a-brunnar" gives u bad luck.
57. You even begin to understand what someone means when they give you a number of a week instead of a date.
58. You get confused why people in other countries buy their flats instead of just rent them.
59. When the only school grades you know are "pass", "fail" and "high pass", and don't understand why others have grades like A, B. C.....
60. You remind yourself which months in the year Sweden is warm, not by looking at the weather (simply because its mostly cold), but by humming the Gyllene Tider lyrics; "..juni, juli, augusti..".
61. If living in the northern part of Sweden you consider the first monday in september being the real new years eve since the year is scheduled in before and after älgjakten.
62. You don’t consider going to Norway or Finland as leaving Sweden
63. You still believe it’s free to visit your doctor even though, in fact it’s pretty expensive, but you keep spreading this myth of the free health care system to the rest of the world.
64. You find the thought of becoming a 'Svensson' scary. However you can’t imagine a future without a red 'villa', a volvo, two kids and a dog.
65. You understand the unspoken war between Stockholm and Göteborg.
66. And you don't find it rude to snoop around in people's houses the first time you visit (“gå husesyn”).
67. You were never patriotic about Sweden when you lived there, but once you moved out, consider Sweden to be some sort of paradise where everything is perfect - unlike your new country of residence.
68. You don't see why people are so upset about bringing in ID cards - because you've had one since you were 12.
69. You think every country could do with "personnummer" to make things run more smoothly.
70. You hate, but would never refrain from living under “the Law of Jante” no matter how hard you try.
71. You long for the day when the province where you live breaks free from the rest of Sweden.
72. You think the kitchen is the single most important room in your house. (And the partys always ends up there)
73. You really can’t see why anyone would ever call it Gothenburg, since it makes Non-Swedes think that’s where Batman resides.
74. You constantly complain about the United States doing horrible things in the world and not taking its responsibility. Still, you are tempted to go, live, or study there.
75. You don’t like short notice.
76. You think five weeks of vacation a year is way too little.
77. You have a nervous breakdown unless “things” are in their right compartments and properly labeled.
78. You are baffled because the concept of “tvättstuga” does not exist in all countries.

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2. i always take from the botten layer when the good ones on the top are gone.
7. well the metric system is easy, inches and stuff like that are just complicated.
10. carpets in bathrooms are disgusting
17. that’s because we only have 3 months with sun!
26.what!? does only Scandinavians use it? i thought it was as comment as cigaretts.
28. how is that sexual?
39. that’s cause it is as normal
44. i had to youtube the polish national anthem just to see if it was true! why does they think we are evil?
50. They are stealing them 🙁
54. well we can hurt them too and it hurts there ego more to get a bruise
from a girl! 😉
56. the A stands for avbruten (broken)
62. haha so true
64. i rather die then have that life!
73. hahaha! died a little!
74. i really don’t get why everyone complain about the USA. love every single aspect of it.

59. When the only school grades you know are “pass”, “fail” and “high pass”, and don’t understand why others have grades like A, B. C…..
– We got IG (not passed), G (passed), VG (literally translated “well passed”), MVG (very well passed). And besides, we’re going to get the A-D grades now according to the government..

10. No it’s not disgusting! You’ll find a “duschmatta” (“shower carpet”) in almost all Swedish homes right next to the shower so that you won’t have to put your wet feet on the floor!

39. Much more common than brown hair, so yes.

64. Urgh.

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