1. You trust IKEA more than your government.
2. IKEA is home away from home.
3. You grew up in a house looking exactly as if it would have been in the IKEA-catalogue.
4. You fear beyond death not getting the IKEA catalogue if you put up a sign for the postman saying that you don’t want any adverts.
5. You know the names of a multitude of IKEA items.
6. You know how to pronounce these names and sigh when Non-Swedes don't.
7. You live abroad and virtually all your furniture is from IKEA even if there are still no IKEA stores in the country. (note the word“still” as in you are expecting IKEA to one day be found in every single country)
8. You rarely visited IKEA when you lived back in Sweden but once you are abroad you think visiting IKEA is a small trip back home, that makes your eyes damp and feel even more home sick than before.
9. Going to IKEA abroad, you end up loitering in the Swedish Food Market, buying more food than furniture.
10. While on one hand you praise the Swedish Food Market, you feel betrayed since the “Svenska bullar" they sell are clearly not anything like what you had back home.
11. In addition, you just have to stop and explain to the locals in the Swedish Food Market what they are buying and exactly how delicious it is.
12. When living outside the borders of Sweden you panic when IKEA has sold out of “julmust” before Christmas.

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