1. You find it normal to have to go to a special store that is owned by the government, that's only open during daytime to buy a bottle of wine, or other alcoholic beverages.
2. You feel uncomfortable when the cashier asks you "how are you today", because you assume she really wants to know and expects a thorough answer - isn´t she being a little bit too private?
3. You don’t mind the sales assistants chatting away (though you're in a hurry) because you don't want to offend them.
4. You're buying clothes you ask the cashier if you can keep the coat hanger.
5. You line all the shopping up with the barcode towards you to help the cashier.
6. When, while entering a supermarket in another country, find that you can buy alcohol…and you get the same look in your eyes like a child on Christmas.
7. You get a nervous breakdown if the person in front of, or, behind you at ICA doesn't use the next customer stick on the grocery belt.
8. You have to go to a supermarket to post your letter.
9. You're about to pay in any shop and wonder where you get your ticket to stand in the queue
10. You get annoyed when shopping for food abroad and keep looking for price per kilo/piece etc. without ever finding them.
11. You feel uncomfortable with the cashier packing your bags for you, and secretly you consider this to be very inefficient since he/she should concentrate on helping the next customer.
12. You consider some plastic bags being too nice to use for rubbish.
13. You go to Germany to buy loads and loads of Swedish beer.
14. On your annual trip to the Mediterranean you automatically answer the sales person who asks you where you're from with "no thank you".
15. You prefer to buy food at ICA instead of Netto or Lidl, just because of principles and the fact that it looks neater at ICA. No matter how expensive it is.
16. You love ICA Maxi, and sometimes hum the advertisement-song heard randomly since you believe that the ICA-card is best invention ever.
17. You don't feel ashamed jumping from last place to first in the queue at ICA when someone opens a new cash till.
18. Sizes 6, 8, 10, 12 etc. really confuses you.
19. It's completely normal for you that all newspapers are stapled together and you can't handle non-Swedish newspapers, that are not.
20. You get angry because you have to order "Coffee Americano" to get normal coffee.
21. You get a strange a strange feeling when walking around at “Systembolaget”, like someone is watching your every move and what you buy (and of course, you note what everyone else has in their baskets).
22. You actually count your items before going to the max. 10 items cashier.
23. You can't use the plastic bag you got from “Systembolaget” for anything else after bringing your alcohol home. Especially NOT letting your kids bring their PE clothes to school in it!
24. You're a bit embarrassed for going to “Systembolaget” and especially walking out of it with your bag full.

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