This site and the corresponding Facebook group aim to point out the typical cliches about the Swedish, through the eyes of the Swedish, without taking things too seriously.

This list has been written from scratch by the members of this group. If you want to contribute, you MUST FOLLOW THE RULES, which can be found below. If you don't, then you will not stand a chance.

Also, under news, there are also some other questions answered, as for example how to become an officer. Anyway, back to the list!


So much has happen in a year!

40,000+ members and some hundred posts later I can safely state that this group has become much bigger than anyone could EVER expect and it is amazing to see that there are so many people out there who recognize themselves in what this group is about. Thank you all for an amazing year! And hope that the coming one will be even better!

It is fantastic to see how many have contributions they want to add to “the list” and by that, further define “Swedishness”. But, in order to facilitate for the admins, and making it possible to update more often, YOU MUST FOLLOW THE RULES. If you don’t, then no matter how fun the post you have come up with is, it WILL NOT be taken into consideration.

The 10 rules of the game:

1. Before you do anything; READ THROUGH THE LIST THOROUGHLY. It highly likely that what you have come up with is covered in one of the points, since the list is quite extensive already. This means that if your post is similar to any of the other points, it would only cause repetition, and that’s really boring, so it won’t be published. Sorry…
2. Exceptions to rule no. 1 will only be made when the phrasing of a post that is similar to one that is already published is found by the admins to be FAR superior.
3. Put your post on the discussion board under the topic “THE OFFICIAL SUGGESTIONS: You know you are from Sweden when…”. If put elsewhere (under any other topic/the wall/inbox of admin) it will NOT be used. This is because of all the time consuming work it is to track down all the contributions people have made.
4. Only fully phrased posts will be considered, nothing along the lines of “Write something on “julmust” since it is too time consuming/demanding to be witty on demand.
5. Make sure it’s not only applicable to Sweden in contrast to one other country. Make it as global as possible!
6. To be published, IT IS ALL ABOUT PHRASING. As mentioned before, it is very easy to be repetitive. This is applicable especially when translating Swedish sayings or saying that you love/hate a dish/character/celebrity/etc. Therefore, MAKE SURE THAT THE PHRASING OF YOUR POINT DIFFERS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE FROM THE ONES ALREADY THERE. For example, if your point is about Swedish idioms (ordspråk) don’t only translate it, make something fun out of it!
7. WRITE IN ENGLISH (If you wonder why, look further down under “On another note…”) and MAKE SURE GRAMMAR AND SPELLING IS CORRECT. It is more likely that your point will be published if admins fully understand where you are going…
8. Make us laugh! The list is all about comedy value.
9. Nothing racist will be taken into consideration. No exceptions!
10. The admins reserve the right to decide what will be published or not and to shamelessly rephrase if need be.

On another note…

If you want to be an officer, post which title you want on the discussion board, under the topic “THE OFFICIAL SUGGESTIONS: You know you are from Sweden when…”.

Why is the list written in English? Well, firstly, facebook is an English (well, American English) community, so we don’t want to exclude anyone. Secondly, if the list is in English it means that the vast array of the members who are NOT living in Sweden can show it to friends/lovers/enemies/whatever to prove that “Look! It’s not just me! The whole country is this loopy!”. Thirdly, contrary to popular belief, there are quite a few members who do not speak Swedish. People who are either interested in Sweden/know someone Swedish/are in any way related to Sweden but do not speak the language have just as much right to the list as people who do.

Why is admin using words such as “mobile” instead of “cell phone”? Well, yours truly is based in England, hence the extensive use of British English. And really, didn’t our teachers tell us to be consistent in the use of English? We have done some exceptions, when we weren’t sure whether the point would come across, like using “liquor store” instead of “off license”. But generally, when editing, texts will be “Britified” in order to maintain the consistency of the text…

Please people, as have been stressed over and over again: THIS IS NOT A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH. The list is all good fun and only made to make us laugh at ourselves, not to praise how much better we are than others. Please, do not take it too seriously. Please…

Lots of love,
Lisa (admin)

(P.s My lousy spelling is almost as much of a crime as "särskrivning". Please have compassion, haha! D.s)

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fan va din sida är grym haha =) got me a few laughs with ma friends haha its good shit someone will offer u a nice amount of cash so u can write for them =) ur good at what u do !

take care


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